sdfdPre- workout supplements contains both stimulants such as components that increase blood flow to the muscle. This supplement helps improve performance during strength training, increase energy indicators and the flow of blood to the muscles. However, the most common versions on the market are “light”, which have no practical effect.

The effect of these sports supplements is to increase concentration during training, so as to increase the strength indicators as well as reduce the time required for recovery during the intervals between repetitions.


Active Ingredients and composition

The active ingredients of pre-workout supplements are traditionally divided into Components that increase the strength and Supplements that enhance blood circulation in the muscles as well as stimulating energy.

The most popular substance used to stimulate the body is undoubtedly caffeine. In some cases, manufacturers also add mate extract, taurine and vitamin B .therefore pre-workout is composed of:

Creatine – As we know is the main supplement for increasing sports performance;

BCAA – active in muscle recovery and prevents catabolism;

CAFFEINE – Increases the layout and thermogenesis.

TAURINA – A stimulant that is combined with caffeine for effective fat burning and disposal.

Many of these supplements mainly contain Arginine, which according to some theories promote vasodilation (theories that generate controversy where recent studies prove their ineffectiveness for this utility) Beta alanine, a nonessential amino acid proven to increase muscle performance.

Recently I joined to try a supplement of this kind to prove their efficiency. Honestly, I believe it was effective for my training program and current goal. I am in cutting to the end of the year, so, my meals are reduced because I consumer fewer calories in order to burn fat and gain setting. This obviously took me strength to perform exercises where in bulking phase I would use more power and have additional strength.

The supplement is a blend of vitamins, caffeine, taurine, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and beta-alanine.

I found the taste of bad supplement, lemon, however unbearable. I usually consume them about 20 minutes before training. In the first week I have increased the load of my main exercises and had more strength to endure to the end of the workout using the top loading with quality movements. The pump also rose sharply, which of course is very encouraging in heavy intensive training. Anyway, I got a great option to my style and training intensity, and compared the prices of gringos’ supplements, the cost benefit in this case for those who opt for a pre-workout, for me, it was worth.


Some supplements used in pre-workout


1 – Whey Protein

Whey Protein, unlike what many think, but can be used in the pre-workout (accompanied by carbohydrate, of course) in order to increase the amino gram within the body. In addition, it will provide amino acids that will prevent catabolic excess during exercise.

Examples of supplements containing whey protein are Isopure – Nature’s Best, Ultra Whey – Universal Nutriton, etc.

2 – Vitamin C

Vitamin C will act as a potent cortisol oppressor, also preventing catabolism. It will also help quanta the anti-oxidative processes and immunological all day.

Bottom of Form

Examples of supplements containing Vitamin C: Sowndown Vit C, thermogenic – Solaris Nutrition, etc.

3 – Caffeine

Caffeine, known for its high potential thermo genic, it is highly recommended (unless under medical restrictions) for increased performance during training. It will also help speed up the metabolism, burning some extra flab, if the issue.

Some examples of supplements that contain caffeine: Superpump250® – Gaspari Nutrition, Jack3d – USP Lab’s Thermo fire – Arnold Nutrition, etc.

4 – L-Glutamine

The amino acid greater presence in the muscles will help keep them in the shortest possible catabolic state.

Examples of supplements containing L-Glutamine: Whey Gold Standard – ON, Glutamine – Solaris Nutrition, etc.

5 – Gainer

The calorie facilitate high consumption of calories and provide enough energy for a heavy training. But always watch out for the protein quantities and also for quantities of simple carbohydrates contained in them, such as fructose and glucose.

Examples of supplements containing high-calorie (or they are): Muscle Juice – Ultimate Nutrition Mega Mass – Joe Weider, etc.

Myths and errors

The most common myth associated with the pre-workout supplements is that many a times are believed to contain creatine, which is absolutely a lie, since creatine is far from being the main ingredient of these products.

Furthermore, it should not be confused with pre-training, which are in essence energy sources, with the sports supplements which should be taken before any strength.

Does it really work?

When we speak of the pre-training effectiveness, the most important aspect is to separate the real from the imitation and “light versions”, which basically contain caffeine. Clearly, the second category is practically useless.

These pre-workout supplements significantly increase the strength performance, making this a temporary pumping blood to the muscle, which will result in a positive psychological effect due to the fact the training result is evident.

Contraindications and side effects

Given that the main pre-workout energy components and ingredients are well loaded doses of caffeine is not recommended their intake in 5 or 6 hours before bedtime, otherwise you risk not able to sleep.

The major side effect is tingling in the skin, which is caused by beta-alanine, and that is a bit mild. High pressure, excessive irritability and any intolerance to the components are common Contraindications.

The official medicine in many countries twists the nose to the components of the energy pre-workout supplements, prohibiting the import and sale of various brands. Brands such as Jack 3D cannot be bought in Germany or in Brazil.

It is quite difficult to assess the real danger of these components in the body of a healthy person, since in most cases only very high overdoses can be harmful.

Need for a Pre-Workout?

If you are beginner or intermediate, I believe it is not yet the case. Consult a nutritionist or doctor if you want to choose to use a pre-workout. Some may cause dizziness, irregular rate of your heartbeat, breathing difficulties and other non-interesting effects.

I believe that those who train at an advanced level and want to give a UP in charge, or is stagnant, it can become a good option, as it was for me.